From 1978 we design and build heating elements

Technology, innovation and reliability are among the features that distinguish us and that, through experience and constant teamwork with our customers and employers, allowed us to occupy and maintain a leading position in our business.
The use of the best available qualified materials and the need to produce with modern techniques and competitive costs allowed us to provide products especially designed, developed and tested according to the latest quality standards, to meet the needs of our customers, both for technical-applicative-functional both for commercial one.

Our production is aimed primarily at producers of:

  • Professional Hair Dryer
  • Hair straighteners
  • Hair curlers plates
  • Fan heaters
  • Air hand dryers
The Design department and Technical Office deal with the study of new products and with laboratory tests that determine the quality of our production
The Production department takes care of processing raw materials and assembling finished products
Here you can find out all types and categories of our products
designed and made
manufactured over the years
in business and production